How to reach Casa Torre Margherita by car
Once you are in San Gimignano, follow the signs to public payment car parkings P3 and P4, get over parkings, reach the traffic light and cross the ZTL zone.
You have to enter from Porta San Jacopo and go straight on Via Folgore da San Gimignano/Via XX Settembre and turn left in Via Capassi (the third street on the left).
Go straight on Via Capassi for a few meters and take the third street on the right (Vicolo di San Bartolo) and turn on the right in Via San Matteo untill you reach number 58, where you will find the entrance of "Casa Torre Margherita".

How to arrive to Casa Torre Margherita from public payment parkings
Once you are arrived to San Gimignano, you must follow indications from public payment parkings number P3 and P4.
Exit from the parking and take the lift to the city centre.
When you get out from the lift, turn right and cross a small entrance that takes you to the city centre.
Continue straight untill you reach Via San Matteo, turn left and after a while you will se Casa Torre Margherita on your left, at number 58.

Parking P3 and P4 have a daily cost of €15,00.
For stays longer than one night, you can take multi­day passes.

On request, we will give you more information at the check-in time.